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Unsure about Spanish Laws
Since January 2011, Línea Directa has provided an online Legal Assistance service which offers expatriate customers advice on Spanish legislation in English on a wide range of topics. The new product, whose price is 40% cheaper than the market average – is offered by practising lawyers and gives motorists insured by Línea Directa advice in many areas such as buying and selling vehicles, renting houses, making complaints to suppliers in consumer disputes, divorce, matrimonial property rights or labour law.
In addition, if after the initial enquiries further judicial or extrajudicial action is required, Línea Directa offers the customer its wide network of lawyers throughout Spain, resulting in a discount for the customer of between 10 and 50% of their legal fees.
24 hour assistance for urgent queries
The Legal Assistance service for motorists is available from Monday to Friday from 8am to 10pm. If the query is urgent, in cases such as incidents in the home, problems occurring at night time within the family unit – including partners and children – queries regarding consumption, such as having a credit card stolen declined or not returned, or damage caused by pets, Línea Directa provides a service which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Call now for more information on 902 123 104


One of the local success stories at the 2010 Ibiza Film Festival was Rik Barnett, a native of Cheshire, who has been holidaying on the island since he was 10 years old.
At the event the youngster won his first award for ‘Best supporting Actor’ for his work in the successful Indie film ‘‘Rebels without a Clue’’, and most experts have predicted a bright future for the Ibiza enthusiast.
Rik first set his aspirations’ on becoming an actor when at 16 years old he went to Manchester to study his craft. He completed his program with distinction and honours and Rik jumped straight away in to diverse roles and work in both the mediums of stage and film, working with companies like Ealing Studios and ITV, whilst also doing various stage productions, some of which were RSC BACKED (Royal Shakespeare Company).  He managed to get steady employment in a volatile industry, and feels ‘‘ever growing as a performer and even more so as an individual’’.
Rik went to Los Angeles to continue his studies in Acting, being educated under such talent as Anne DeSalvo at the Lee Strasberg Institute and studying hard to gain his certificate in Acting from UCLA. Rik is now with a top Management firm based both in Los Angeles and New York and is currently working hard at developing his own projects. One of which is ‘Bosie’ a play about Lord Alfred Douglas who was Oscar Wildes’ lover. It has gained allot of interest recently, in particular from Adam Epstein who is a Tony Award Winning Broadway Producer.
Rik is very excited about the future, and most feel he is currently being groomed to become the new Daniel Radcliffe or Robert Patterson. However as much as he can prepare for that, Rik just hopes his adventures include a lot more nominations at Spanish Film Festivals, so he can have the chance to go there more often and soak up all the beauty that Spain, and in particular Ibiza, has to offer.


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